Family History Scrapbooked

I realize I’m lame when it comes to keeping up with more than one blog as well as a guest blog I write for, but I’m trying my best to better manage my time. In other words, be more productive.

Today I posted over on my Journey blog, LifeWriting Layouts — talking about my current work in progress, Somewhere Over the Rhine: One Family’s Memoir.  This is  a book of my family history, growing up in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine district. 

The layout on the left is one of the first pages I created after I first started scrapbooking.

They say to begin with your most current photos.

Whoops.  I didn’t follow the rules.

Eventually I moved on to present-day images and scrapbooked numerous albums of vacations, birthdays, weddings, even funerals.  Even just everyday life–which by the way is a great subject to commemorate.

Over my scrapbooking life of the past 12 years, my heart kept returning to those old pictures and all the stories they told. 

I’m now the oldest and the last.  Dad passed away in 2002 with Alzheimer’s, as did both of his younger brothers.  I’m the cousin, the sister, the aunt who knows the early stories.  If I don’t write them now, who will?

How can we just let old family stories die?

It’s not that every tale is a monumental legacy.  However mundane the story is, though, will be a highlight someday to somebody.  As the generations proceed after us, stories about everyday life in our time and when we were childen will be precious.

Stories of my parents and grandparents, my aunts and uncles, are right now, this day, one of my greatest joys.  My cousins and I enjoy them.  It’s one of life’s true rewards.

I will return here to begin Memories in Order, the book, when I’ve completed my Over-the-Rhine memoir.

And before I forget, I have an ebook that was just published, ScrapMoir: Steps to Combining Your Photos, Your Memoirs, Your Stories.  Just click on the title and you’ll be escorted to the Women’s Memoirs site where you can grab a free copy to download ($7.50 value).

Check back soon (I promise to stick to my plan) to stay up with Memories in Order.